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9/25-29 – Highlights of the Week!

Here are some highlights from our week at Brooklyn Collaborative!


Students in 6th grade Science, as part of the ecology unit, dissected owl pellets. The students had already studied the different skull adaptations of owl prey and used that knowledge to hypothesize which organism the pellet was made up of.  Students will springboard off this work to our first Expeditionary Thursday next week in Prospect Park.

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Students in 8th grade Crew are experiencing Mindful Mondays, exploring yoga and mindfulness as part of building healthy habits during adolescence.  Students in the picture are learning a partner variation of chair pose from Mindful Mondays in Arden’s Crew.
Students in 11th grade Crew engaged in a lively circle about the recent anthem protests in the NFL.  Students discussed what it means to feel patriotic, what the flag and anthem represents to them, if citizens should always stand up for the anthem and why/why not, and defending someone’s right to say their opinions even if they disagree with them.  Pictured are students from John’s Crew.
Our BCS Soccer Team won 5-1 over Science Skills on 9/27.  Go Wolves!