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10/2-6 – Highlights of the Week!

Here are some highlights from our week at Brooklyn Collaborative!


Grade 6 students are super excited about their new lockers.  Some students took extra time before school to personalize and decorate their new lockers!

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Our Debate Team is up and running, led by Social Studies teacher Alejandro.  Here are a few photos from their first session.

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Our PSAL Soccer Team wins again (1-0 against Benjamin Banneker) – go Wolves!

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Upper Grades students are enjoyed their Drafting selective.  Students are using basic drafting tools to produce a design in their sketchbooks comprised of different line weights, angles and measurements.  Students enjoyed the beautiful weather on Sketching Friday: finding inspiration in our neighborhood, sketching based on a given theme. This Friday’s theme was repetition!

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Students in our Upper Grades Spanish ​for ​Native ​and ​Heritage ​Speakers class have been discussing the historical influence of Spanish language and culture on the US and the current statistics for Spanish language spoken in the US.  Students then engaged in debate/ dialogue about the question “What ​does ​this ​rapid ​growth ​of ​the ​Hispanic ​population mean ​for ​our ​country?” Students then made a mesa redonda poster with their group where students explained more about how they identify, how their friends identify, cultural groups where they live, advantages of their heritage, and their beliefs on what is causing an increase in Spanish language in the US.

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Students in our Creating Meaning philosophy selective class have been reflecting on the urges within and assumptions they make about their life and the world.  They made posters to support their beginning understanding of their personal purpose – their personal version of heaven and hell.  In doing this, students begin to understand the extremes of what they run from and run to (even unconsciously).

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Students in Upper Grades Biology are collaborating on a poster to teach their peers about how bacteria benefit different systems of the body.  They are also conducting their first experiment of the year: swabbing different parts of the body to compare the bacterial colony count.  Both activities are part of “The Good” case study (within the “Bacteria: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly” expedition), which explores how bacteria benefit our bodies.

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