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Support Global Glimpse!

This summer, a group of 13 juniors from Brooklyn Collaborative will be traveling to either Nicaragua, Ecuador or the Dominican Republic for two weeks through an organization called Global Glimpse.  They will be joined by BCS teacher Brittany Loomis (Upper Grades ICT Science teacher in Physics and Chemistry).

This will be an unforgettable educational experience for our students and, collectively, this is why we decided to participate:
-Making an impact
-Benefitting communities
-Helping others
-Experiencing a new environment
-Community on a global scale
-Inspiring future careers
-Positive effects on others
-Seeking relatability
-Shaping young minds
-Living the local culture

Please consider helping fund this opportunity for a deserving, open-minded group of students.  Your support empowers our young adults to become responsible global citizens.

Please donate here:

Thank you!
2016 BCS Global Glimpse Juniors