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Senior Events Information

Dear Families:

Senior year is here!!  We are excited to begin planning your final year with us.  This year will include special activities, which will celebrate the end of your Brooklyn School for Collaborative Studies experience.

We have a compiled a “Senior General Expense Sheet” for your reference on the back of this letter.  Senior year expenses are very costly. If your child is not going to participate in any optional activities the student is still required to pay the mandatory senior fees.

BCS reserves the right to withdraw students from any senior events including the senior trip if payments are not paid in full by the due date.  Additionally, if a student is transferred, discharged, suspended for violations of Chancellor’s regulations or is considered a danger to the safety of the event, she/he will no longer be eligible to participate in senior events.  There will be no refunds for any withdrawals from senior events regardless of circumstances.  Please keep the attached payment schedule for your reference.

No personal checks will be accepted, money order must be made payable to BCS.  All cash payments must be made directly to Helene in room 516 only during crew. Receipts are given to students for all payments.  Please keep your receipt for your records; this will be your proof of payment to the school.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Helene at 718-923-4700 ext. 5162 or email at  Senior event information will also be posted on the BCS website at >Students >Senior Pages

We look forward to celebrating the final year of your teen’s high school experience with you.

Student parent contract

BCS Class of 2016 General Expense Sheet