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School Schedule 2022-2023

BCS School Schedule

For School Year 2022-2023, our school day begins at 8:45am and ends at 3:05pm.  We’ll have early yard/breakfast for any students beginning at 8:15am.   Please adjust your schedules accordingly so that you will arrive at school on time each day.

We will NOT have instructional lunch (like we did during COVID), that means crew and lunch will be separate periods.  Students in Grades 6-10 have indoor lunch in our cafeteria/yard/gym.  Students in Grades 11-12 have the privilege to go out to lunch if they return back to school on time for their Pd 6 class.

You can view and download the DOE School Calendar here with translations in the main DOE languages.  The first day of school is Thurs Sept 8 for students at 8:45am for crew day.  You’ll be hearing from us over email throughout the summer so check in every so often!