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Passerine Project: Bridging BCS and Afghanistan Through Song

Please read the article in the Huffington Post for more details (published 10/2/15).


The following is an excerpt adapted from the article: “Shevy Smith is a producer/composer based in Topanga, CA, who is also creator and owner of the Forte Poesy Music program.  She partnered with thethe Afghan Women’s Writing Project (AWWP) to create The Passerine Project, a cross-cultural songwriting collaboration in which students adapt poems from AWWP writers into original songs. The third project in the series is right here with our students at Brooklyn Collaborative and our sister elementary school, the Brooklyn New School.  Shevy is in New York this week, along with singer-songwriter Kendall Custer, to work with more than 120 students in grades 6 and 9 through 12.”

Shevy also worked with our students last year, in partnership with BCS teachers Stephen and Christine P, and we’re so glad to have Shevy back again!