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March Madness BCS Spirit Month!

Dear Brooklyn Collaborative Families, Staff, & Students

BCS March Madness 2019 was a stupendous success-–an enthusiastically engaging exhibition of BCS community spirit and pride!

BCS March Madness 2019 provided our community with a school-wide activity or event each Friday in March that readily became “the talk” amongst students, staff, and families alike and heightened our excitement for the end of the week!

BCS March Madness 2019 offered us a blueprint for what “school spirit” can look like and how it can invigorate a community!

BCS March Madness 2019 showed students individually and collectively showing up and modeling our core values—persistent, responsible, open-minded, collaborative, courageous, and kind!

BCS March Madness 2019 tapped into and showcased the wide-ranging talents and leadership skills of our staff and students!

BCS March Madness 2019 highlighted our community camaraderie, generosity of spirit, collaboration, joy, and laughter.

BCS March Madness 2019 underscored what our community wants and needs—more schoolwide opportunities for staff, student, and families to have unadulterated joy, fun, and fellowship!

BCS March Madness 2019 was possible because of the individual and collective efforts of staff, students, and families who chaperoned, donated snacks and drinks, participated and/or attended events, staffed food stations, contributed money, decorated, set up, cleaned up, and so much more!Our thanks and appreciation to the BCS community!

A special thank you, huge shout out, and our deepest gratitude to several individual staff for so generously donating their time and talent above and beyond to make the BCS March Madness events not only possible but truly exceptional! Major kudos to Christina B. for her exemplary event planning and hosting both school parties, to Thomas and Jannie who were the proverbial right-hand logistics and planning support dynamic duo, making numerous pickups late unto the evening and early in the morning, to Christina, Thomas and Jannie who were the backbone for this inaugural event–giving their hearts, endless time, and talent, to Mercedes who prepared and cooked nearly 400 empanadas, and to Isabel and Jill who supported Christina in carrying out her artistic vision.

Our deepest appreciation to YWCA After School Director Janet and Assistant Direct Obie for extending their organizational and financial support as collaborators for March Madness 2019. They were involved at the beginning of March Madness 2019—giving shape to this community event!

BCS March Madness 2019 etched fond memories in our hearts and minds and will now become an annual event, a BCS tradition!

With heartfelt and deepest thanks,

Scill, Amanda, Imani (BCS School Leaders)

Tracey (BCS Parent Coordinator)