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Expeditionary Thursdays Fieldwork (Upper Grades Math ET 10/1)

We had a great first Expeditionary Thursday ET for the upper grades in Math on Thurs 10/1.  All our upper grades students immersed in a fieldwork experience where they applied classroom learning to a real world situation.  Here were the day’s agendas:

  • Sarah’s Pre-Calculus classes went to several business organizations (DLB Associates, Credit Suisse, New Inc., KPMG, and Green Desk) to interview professionals about how math is used in their field.  They even visited BCS alum Alfredo Gonzalez (Class of 2009) at KPMG!
  • Francine and Allison’s CUNY Math classes went to Columbia University to hear a lecture from a statistician, then created their own surveys and interviewed Columbia students
  • Brian and Francine’s Algebra classes went to five museums (Rubin, Tuva, Met, Whitney, and Brooklyn Museums) to search for patterns in art
  • Alex and Allison’s Geometry classes went to Cooper Hewitt to explore design thinking and then did a walking tour of the Williamsburg Bridges as a kick-off to their Bridge Building Case Study
  • Adam’s Advanced Algebra classes went to different institutions (Cooper Union, Parsons, City Tech, Columbia) to practice question asking and curiosity on tours with current students, then solicited input from different “users” (elementary students from Brooklyn New School and BCS lower grade students), then worked in teams to design an ad campaign to rebrand math related to the question “What qualities, characteristics and/or feelings do you wish people could associate with math?” and presented their campaigns to each other

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