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Expeditionary Thursdays Fieldwork (LG ET 12/3)

A great day of inquiry in the Lower Grades for this week’s ET on 12/3.

6th grade:

In order to teach students to be active global citizens, it is imperative that they gain an understanding of the world beyond their own streets and borders. Through materials adapted from Journeys in Film, the Robert F. Kennedy Center, Youth for Human Rights International and the Malala Fund, students explored other cultures and social issues through film, circle discussions, excerpts of famous speeches, community service, and a small creative art project.
7th grade:
The 7th graders have just wrapped up their unit on fantasy and dystopian literature. In the unit all students read The Giver. During the ET day, students explored the central themes in the book through an intensive day-long art project.
8th grade:
Students launched into a day long investigation of several math learning targets:
  • I can design and revise a strategy.
  • I can use the connections between patterns, tables, graphs, and equations to solve problems.
The day culminated in a fun experiment in the yard where students were asked to predict how many rubber bands needed to create a bungee cord that would let Barbie fall from the roof of the school– and get as close to the ground as possible, but without crashing. Students watched in suspense as their Barbies were put to the test!