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Door Alarms At 610 Henry

An important announcement – all the exit doors at the 610 Henry Street campus have been alarmed.  This was in response to 2013 disappearance/tragedy of 14-year-old Avonte Oquendo.  Avonte’s Law requires that audible door alarms be installed in every city school and puts responsibility on school staff to prevent situations where students may go missing during the school day.

Door alarms have been installed for additional safety for students and staff.  The exit doors to our building are now alarmed.  There are red signs on the door to indicate that they are alarmed.  The alarms are not activated during regular entry and dismissal times, including Upper Grades lunch (only on Coles St side).  Please be responsible about exiting the building in the correct locations so that you do not set off any alarms.  If you are not sure if a door is alarmed, please ask the nearest adult before opening the door.  If you accidentally set off an alarm, please stand there until an adult reaches you to de-activate the alarm.  During the first crew days, all crew leaders will review the door alarm policy with students. Thank you.

We ask that all families use only the main doors that exit out onto the middle of Henry Street (where the School Safety Agent office is located).  Please do not exit out any other doors as that will cause the door alarms to be activated, which will disrupt instruction to classes in session.
If you have any questions, please email