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Another great admissions season!

We’re so happy to know our applicant numbers at the end of this great admissions season.  We did well this year in terms of our applicant numbers.

Total: 1084 students in D15 elementary schools applied for our incoming Grade 6 (class size of ~90 seats).
  • 88 of our current students applied to our Grade 9 (that’s everyone in Grade 8)
  • 862 new students from other middle schools applied to our Grade 9
Total: 950 applicants for our incoming Grade 9 (class size of ~102 seats).
This data continues to show that we are an in-demand and competitive school option for both Grade 6 and 9.  We look forward to final school matches in late spring 2019 so we can welcome in a new cohort of students and families to Brooklyn Collaborative!