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9/4-7 – Highlights of the Week!

We had an excellent opening to the school year!!!


9/4 – Staff returned, ready to start our great year!  Our Instructional Guide Adam led us through our first Staff Crewlympics competition.  Staff competed in crew teams in three paper airplane contests – farthest, most accurate, and most creative!  Then our PTA Co-Presidents Veronica and Reshonah welcomed us, we went over our work plan goals for the year and how they align with our mission, and then we spent the afternoon getting classrooms ready for the upcoming crew days!  At the end of the day, we went out to Henry Street to chalk messages for students, welcoming them back to school!

IMG_20180905_081400_539 IMG_7864 IMG_7857


9/5-6 – Welcome back, students! We started the morning with a fantastic bake sale by our wonderful PTA!  Crew leaders welcomed students to an all-crew day.  Crew days help students orient to the year and help build a lasting community within crews.  Crew is a central structure at BCS and all EL Education schools and is similar to advisory.  Crews engaged in a variety of team building initiatives, circles, classroom beautification projects, academic goal-setting, schedule review, and much more!  Crews, you look beautiful!

IMG_0858 IMG_1531 IMG_1658 IMG_1671 IMG_1719 IMG_9402 IMG_1202 IMG_7880 IMG_0397 IMG_1206 IMG_0404 IMG_0861 IMG_4063 IMG_0866 IMG_1098


9/7 – Students had a great day of classes in our first academic day!  We also hosted Superintendent Kathy Pelles, Executive Superintendent Recy Dunn, and Field Support Liaison Margaret Tang who did a walkthrough of classes.  Two firsty day highlights: 1) students in Jill’s Art classes made intro drawings using black light paints – awesome! and 2) students in Sarah and Arden’s Alg 2 classes constructed 3-D structures using yarn and then had to justify their creations with mathematical statements!


IMG-0456 IMG_7901 IMG_7896 IMG-0464