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9/18-20 – Highlights of the Week!

Check out some highlights from our week!

In 6th grade Social Studies, students engaged in a “back-to-back” pair initiative with one student describing a mystery image to the other.  The student listening to the description then attempted to draw the image, just from the description alone.  When finished, students compared the original image to what was drawn.  Students debriefed the activity, making connections to analyzing their own success in different learning environments and reflecting on how they learn best.



In 11th grade US History, students finished our BBK (Building Background Knowledge) about Columbus’ encounter with the indigenous peoples of the Caribbean with a Jigsaw.  Students taught each other about the narrative they read and then compared and contrasted the various narratives, thinking about the important of authorship and deciding who to include in a narrative.  Next they will construct their own narratives in the form of films, scripts, and publicity (movie posters). We plan to hold our Premiere Night on October 6th after school, to coincide with Columbus Day weekend – stay tuned for more details!



Students in Upper Grades Algebra collaborated in a poster making session exploring parabolas, delving through exploration and inquiry into parabola shapes, lines of symmetry, special points, and intercepts.



Students in the Upper Grades selective class “String Figures” continue to explore advanced string configurations, including 2-diamond, 4-diamond, and 10-diamond, with expert facilitator Jim Murphy!