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8/26 – Important Student Update

Dear BCS Students,

We can’t wait to see you when school begins again!  WE MISS YOU!!!  
You should have gotten an email telling you what group you’re in (Group A, B or D).  Check your email and let us know if you have any questions!
Please join us for Student Town Hall – we’ll send you a Zoom link on Tues:
  • Lower Grades 6-8 Student Town Hall – Tues 9/1 @ 6PM – 6:30PM 
  • Upper Grades 9-12 Student Town Hall – Tues 9/1 @ 7PM – 7:30PM
We want to hear your thoughts/questions about school re-opening, tell us what we need to know to make your school year a success.  We’re listening!  Join us!
It’s been awhile since we’ve been in school-mode.  Here’s how you can prepare for success this year:
In-Person Students – this part is just for you!
1) Masks on!  All students and staff must wear masks the entire school day from 9am-2:30pm.  That’s a long time so please start practicing by wearing your mask more often so that you can get used to it.  No mask, no school!  Staff will be wearing them all day as well, so we’re in this together!
All Students (Remote or In-Person) – listen up!
1) Wake up!!  Start adjusting to a regular sleep/wake up schedule – the school day is 9am-2:30pm.  In-person students need to get to school by 9am.  Remote students will have classes to log into, starting at 9am – your remote day will be in virtual classes with your teachers and some self-directed learning via Google Classroom. 
2) Virtual classes are happening – attendance required!  So let’s practice your Zoom skills, get yourself a pair of headphones, and turn your video on!  You will have 2-4 virtual classes each day if you’re on remote learning that day so you will need to sign into Zoom at specific times every day for class with your teachers.
3) School starts Thurs Sept 10 – Group B is in-person and Group A+D are remote.  During the first two weeks, we will have a schoolwide expedition where you will be engaged in community building and digital competency.  You’ll learn all the digital systems you’ll need to use this year to be successful and practice using the digital tools.  And you’ll re/connect with your classmates and teachers (socially distanced and virtually) after having been away for so many months!  On Tues 9/8, we’ll email you with more information about what to do on Thurs 9/10 to get started with school.
4) Check out the September calendar!  Refer to it so you know your in-person and remote days.  It’s attached and available online here:
5) Wednesdays are for Mastery Support.  On Wed morning from 9am-11:45am, Students with IEPs, Multi-Language Learners, and Students in Temporary Housing are in-person.  Everyone else is remote. 
6) Crew is all-virtual this year!  Wed afternoons are Crew virtual class.  You’ll hear from your Crew leader on Tues 9/8.  Start strong in Crew and YOU might be the Crewlympics champions this year!
5) Does your brain need some exercise?!  Don’t forget the summer Math/ELA enrichment assignments!


  • Math: Please complete the math enrichment for your next math course.  See link here.

  • ELA: Please select books from our summer reading list and keep reading all summer long!  See ELA enrichment assignment.  See link here. 


6) Miss us?!  Stay connected with our community on social media.  Check out our Instagram: TheCollaborativeChronicle and our website where we post regular updates!  
We’re here if you need anything.  And continue to refer to our Frequently Asked Questions!
We are crew!
Scill and Imani