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5/2-4 – Upper Grades May Intensives

On Tues 5/2, Wed 5/3, and Thurs 5/4, all Upper Grades students participated in intensives throughout the city. Many crews continued their learning adventures from March intensives. Here are some highlights below!

Crew 9: Beth’s MAKE Intensive (with Eddie)

In this intensive, students learned a variety of skills that they can use to make things to benefit themselves and their community. The guiding question was: How do we develop self-sufficiency through learning to MAKE things to solve problems and serve others? with learning targets: I can use construction tools safely; I can develop self-sufficiency skills; and I can discuss how being self-sufficient can impact choices and feelings of empowerment.

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Crew 9: John and June’s Intensive “Activists Make Change”

In this intensive, students researched current modes of resistance and activism in the 21st century. Students visited a organization in Crown Heights called SOS (Save Our Streets) to engage in a youth workshop dealing with art as activism in response to violence in Brooklyn neighborhoods. Then they visited the “We Wanted a Revolution” exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum. Finally students designed their own posters and staged a student-centered march on the last day of intensives, applying their learning about how to draw attention to important contemporary issues.

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Crew 9: Melissa’s Intensive “We Are Travelers, Not Foreigners”

In this intensive, students explored diversity and culture in New York City. They discussed topics related to the immigration experience in line with our six core values and interviewed different New Yorkers around the city about their experiences. Students visited Brooklyn Bridge Park and the Museum of the Moving Image. Students visited the Snug Harbor Chinese Scholar’s Garden where they participated in a calligraphy workshop. They then displayed their final products: their self portraits.

IMG_9737 IMG_9722 IMG_9740 IMG_9705 IMG_9725 IMG_9690

Crew 9: Jill and Alie’s Intensive “Who Are These Books For? We Need Diverse Books (And You Too!)”

In this intensive, students continued their focus on essential questions: Who is represented in children’s literature? Who is less visible? How can we increase diversity in children’s literature so that all kids have “windows, mirrors, and doors”? Students collaborated to design and construct elements of their children’s book and created a digital copy to market to potential advertisers. Students used work space at the Bryant Park Library and the Carroll Gardens Library.

IMG_5393 image2 (3) IMG_5390

Crew 9: Abbey’s Intensive “Hidden Messages”

In this intensive, students focused on the essential questions: Why do we use subliminal language? Why don’t we say what we mean, and mean what we say? Students continued to explore the concept and purpose of hidden messages. They made observations of different sculptures/images etched on tombstones at Greenwood Cemetery, making connections between how they interpreted them and their actual meanings as well as different ways to send messages.

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Crew 10 Intensives

10th grade students continued their Campus Invasion experiences with a visit at Marist College. Then they continued with fieldwork along the theme of food/sustainability in NYC and culinary careers. Students explored urban agriculture at Red Hook Farms and engaged in a Red Hook Scavenger Hunt. Students also visited the Museum of Food and Drink and engaged in a Williamsburg walking tour. Andrew and Milo’s crew also visited the National Gourmet Institute Culinary School. Sheryl and John’s crew also visited Cafe Grumpy to learn about the coffee process/economy.

IMG_5631 IMG_5638

Crew 11 Intensives

Students engaged in service learning opportunities at various community organizations around the city. At Trinity Church’s soup kitchen, students prepared and served meals to the local community. With the Park Service, students participated in clean-up and/or building projects in various parks and beaches. At Jackie’s Garden, students planted and managed an established garden. Additionally, as part of the adventure and fitness focus of EL Education schools, two crews also engaged in rock climbing at Brooklyn Boulders Queensbridge.

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Crew 12 Intensives

In their last set of intensives, some seniors continued their explorations of our amazing city by visiting the New York Botanical Gardens, Brooklyn Bridge and Brooklyn Bridge Park, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Another group of seniors organized a last team building experience for their crews with a 3-day/2-night camping expedition at Floyd Bennett Field.

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