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5/14-18 – Highlights of the Week!

5/14 – Our Internship class welcomed speaker Hassan Heyward.  He was a former educator, born and raised in NYC, ended up working in entertainment and covered the Olympics. He is now the field rep for the Mayor’s office visiting various sets all over New York.

IMG_9284 IMG_9285


5/15 – Our Government class welcomed Adem Bunkeddeko ( who is running for Congress.  Our seniors asked Adem thoughtful questions about his hopes for NYC if he is elected.



5/15 – Our LG and UG student councils came together for an Upstander Workshop facilitated by the Center for Anti-Violence Education.  Students did a great job being active participants.  During the workshop, students spoke about what bullying is as well as techniques for disrupting it in the moment.  They spoke specifically about the difference between interrupting a scene where you know those involved and interrupting when you don’t.  Students then practiced scenarios and were courageous in sharing out their scenes.  Finally they had a mini self defense lesson!  Imani and Amanda will be working with the student councils to turn key these workshops into their crews.





5/16 – Tafura, one of our amazing seniors, was one of the prominent students speakers featured at the NYC Outward Bound Schools gala, which raised millions of dollars to support network schools.  We are so proud of Tafura!  Check out her speech here!



5/16 – Our 6th grade scientists assessed the 4th floor for features relevant to creating a safety plan!

IMG_9919 IMG_9920


5/17 – We had our last Upper Grades Expeditionary Thursday of the year, despite the rain!  Check out our longer post:

IMG_0842 Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 8.40.50 PM Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 8.39.01 PM


5/18 – Our Lower Grades Student Council opened our first school store!



5/18 – Seniors in ELA 12 presented their creative interpretations of The Great Gatsby, including works of art, a spoken word poem, and a talk show!

IMG_9987 IMG_9989 IMG_9980 IMG_9988


5/18 – Our Aesthetic Society (formerly the Anime Club) held a Retro Café in the Cafeteria, an evening that recreates the feel of a diner from the 50’s/60’s!

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5/18 – Our Econ class welcomed filmmaker Erin Li, from California, who visited BCS to serve as an expert on immigration and storytelling.  Students used Li’s film, “To the Bone” as a text for their case study on immigration and economics.