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4/30 – BCS hosts important education VIPs!

Today, we welcomed special guests Regent Judith Johnson, Regent Kathleen Cashin, Mr. Bill Lewis (Co-Chairman of Investment Banking at Lazard and philanthropist), Ms. Jemina Bernard (Executive Director, Young Women’s Leadership Network), and Ms. Ann Cook (New York Performance Standards Consortium). Our guests were eager to learn about our PBATs and how they are better alternatives for college and career readiness than Regents exams. They observed some classes, participated in an ELA MPBAT panel, and heard from students and staff in several panels. Our guests were so impressed by the assessment model supported by the Consortium, and our teachers and students gave wonderfully confident testimonials about how they have benefited from our PBAT structure. We were happy to courageously speak up for alternative assessment models to standardized testing and were grateful for an influential audience to share our love of PBATs and writing!