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4/30-5/4 – Highlights of the Week!

A packed week at Brooklyn Collaborative!


4/30 – We hosted Regent Cashin and Regent Johnson who came to Brooklyn Collaborative to learn about our PBAT structure!  It was our honor to host such important VIPs.  See our enhanced link here:

IMG_9502 IMG_9504


4/30 – Our 9th graders shared their Algebra Roundtables about their investigative questions and data analysis.  Did you ever wonder if hours of sleep is correlated with GPA or if distance from school is correlated with punctuality?!  Our students shared their predictions and conclusions about their own questions!

IMG_9509 IMG_9511


5/1 – Our 9th graders embarked on their 3-day Crew Orientation camping up in Fishkill, NY.  See our enhanced link here:



5/1 – All BCS crews participated in a service project on 5/1, 5/2, or 5/4 as part of EL Better World Day activities.  See our enhanced link here:

IMG_8417 group photo


5/1 – Juniors and seniors participated in Career Day, visiting various work places around the city and interviewing employees to inspire their future career decisions!

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5/1 – At our monthly PTA workshop, parent Veronica led an informative session on lupus, a condition that affects many of our loved ones.  Each month, following the business portion of PTA meetings, we host a workshop for families to learn about topics of relevance to the Brooklyn Collaborative community!



5/3  – Students in Melissa’s Advanced Spanish class are using clay to model pieces of art from the pre-Columbian era as part of their study of Hispanic cultures.

IMG_9535 IMG_9532 IMG_9531


5/4 – We had our Climate Change roundtables.  External scientists came to BCS to hear our climate change students share their learning around using climate models to make predictions about the future trends of our climate based on changing greenhouse gases and/or ice levels on the planet.  Shout out to Beth, Chelsea, Milo, and Shari – the climate change teaching team!



5/4 – 8th grade artists master color mixing in their monochromatic spirit animal paintings.

20180504_111300 20180504_111146 20180504_111408


5/4 – Students and staff enjoyed May the Force Be With You!

IMG_9546 fullsizeoutput_22864 fullsizeoutput_22865 IMG_9550


5/4 – This month’s Family Breakfast was focused on mastery grading.  We were delighted to welcome Joy Nolan from Mastery Collaborative back to Brooklyn Collaborative as our guest speaker.  Brooklyn Collaborative has been a member of the Mastery Collaborative for the last three and half years ( – a DOE initiative to change the paradigm of grading.   A team of BCS teachers and admin attend quarterly meetings and PDs and network with and learn from about 40 other schools that are grappling with topics related mastery based grading.  Joy explained the foundations behind mastery grading and why it supports student agency and responsibility to an inquisitive group of families!