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4/11 – LG Mathlympics!

3rd annual LG Mathlympics Competition

On Thursday, students worked together with their math cohort during a full-day math competition. Students competed in a variety of activities:

  • free throw shoot-outs,
  • solving KenKen,
  • coding challenges (LightBot),
  • BreakoutBCS (an escape-room type challenge),
  • and a variety of other competitions (24, 7-ate-9, Nim, SuperCircles, chess, folding origami, and more!)

At the end of the day we gathered the entire middle school to celebrate the winning classes:

  • 1st place: Wind (6th grade)
  • 2nd place: Spades (8th grade)
  • 3rd place: Topaz (7th grade)

Thanks to everyone for their persistence and collaboration. You helped make today a success!

Be sure to ask your child what their favorite puzzle was from the day, and what connections they can make with the math they’re studying in class.