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3/3 – BCS visits CUNY/CAT at BMCC!

We had a special opportunity to visit the Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC) as part of their Creative Arts Team program.  Milo’s crew represented Brooklyn Collaborative.  All our students were mature and engaged in an interactive drama workshop about time management/ communication style/ fears and perceptions about college from the CUNY Creative Arts Team. They were introspective and stepped out of their comfort zones to participate. They were excited to sit in a college classroom at BMCC and took advantage of the LINCT panel of current college students to ask questions about the transition from high school to college and what to consider when selecting a college. Students walked away from today with a sense of the wide range of options for college and the many different paths people take to their careers. They also expressed being grateful for the academic rigor at BCS when the other high school students were stressed that a professor expected a 6 page essay. A student in Milo’s crew, Tyasia responded: “we do PBATs, so that’s not that big of a deal.” Go crew!