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2/8 – Debate Team passionately argues “Should Valentine’s Day be banned or not?”

On Wednesday, February 8th, the BCS Debate Team got together to debate whether Valentine’s Day should be banned or not. Students argued passionately for each side. The Pro side, arguing to ban the holiday, brought up shocking statistics about cruel child labor practices for the making of the chocolates and sweets we like to enjoy and the dubious origins of the holiday. Con fired back with the many values of Valentine’s Day, and how it reminds us all to appreciate those we love, and extend affection to those we might normally pass by without acknowledging. Students tapped in and out of both sides, building on each other’s arguments and refuting the other side. Ultimately, the Con side came out victorious after pressing the Pro side to explain how much of the child labor practices were directly a result of Valentine’s day. They also were able to argue for the current value of the holiday, despite the problematic origins or commercial trends.
   7th grader Zach Kenny was designated the MVP of the debate as he delivered several passionate speeches defending the holiday and gave persuasive anecdotes that helped to shift the momentum over to Con.
    Students enjoyed a social with candy, snacks, and food after the debate and mingled, getting to know one another and discussing the play-by-plays of the debate.
    We look forward to welcoming new recruits as several students were interested in becoming new members and we look forward to welcoming them to our team!  If interested, please see Alex A at
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