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2/26-3/2 – Highlights of the Week!

We had a great end to February.

During President’s Break (Feb 16-23), our Robotics Team (BCS Robosharks) continued to work on our competition robot.  Our robot is bagged and ready to go!

IMG_3225 IMG_3216

Thursday 3/1
We had the first spring LG Expeditionary Thursday.  In Grade 6, students participated in a day long physics exploration of the popular bottle flipping game to explore the science behind sliding, flipping, jumping and landing? (The learning targets for the day were “I can describe how friction affects movement” and “I can describe the difference in force among objects of different mass.”  In Grade 7, students traveled to the Museum of Natural History investigating the learning target “I can explain how rocks and minerals provide evidence that the Earth is continuously changing.” They visited the Hall of Meteorites, Ocean Life and Planet Earth, and watched a movie in the planetarium.  In Grade 8, students set up their very own genetics laboratory, focusing on the essential question: What does DNA look like and why is it important? The learning targets for the day were “I can design a controlled experiment to extract DNA from a living organism (strawberry)” and “I can describe DNA structure and DNA base pairing by creating a DNA model.”
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Friday 3/2
We had our March Family Breakfast.  Parents joined math teacher Adam in a conversation about how to talk to your child about math. Adam facilitated an interactive workshop with families about math and how to best support and encourage math learning at home and to make it accessible, including supporting your child with using IXL.  We read and discussed the article “Parents & Teachers Pass On Math Anxiety to Kids Like a Virus.”
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Friday 3/2
Students in Abbey’s Chem Pd 2 were able to clearly articulate the system of mastery while exploring the learning target “I can reflect on the amount of radiation I’m exposed to every year.”
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