BCS News / Family Announcements

2/4-8 – Highlights of the Week!

A busy start to February!   2/6 - Our junior interns engaged in practice interviews with each other before they set off next week to meet their site supervisors!   2/8 - We held Town Halls for Grades 6-8 to re-establish positive norms for spring semester.  We even had a funky dance initiative to start us off!   2/8 - So proud of our cheerleaders and Coach Chrissy!  Go Wolves!   2/9 - Our Lower Grades Debate Team participated in yesterday's public forum debate on US arms sales to Saudi Arabia.   2/9 - Our BCS PTA Gala was a smash - so much fun!  We honored our Parent Coordinator Tracey Pinkard, we fundraised to support student programming, and we had a blast!