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12/7 – Passerine Project comes back to Brooklyn Collaborative!

For our third year—the Passerine Project joined with students from BCS and BNS for an evening of song and poetry on Wednesday 12/7 in the Auditorium.

Students in Candice and Sheila’s ELA 6 classes, and several 7th graders and seniors who performed in last year’s project, participated in songwriting workshops with Emmy-nominated producer/composer Shevy Smith and recording artist Kendall Custer. Students adapted poems from the Afghan Women’s Writing Project into original songs.

The evening was an inspiring celebration of resilience, compassion, and the bridging of cultures. Special shout out to Stephen, Candice, and Sheila for their continued support of the Passerine Project and their commitment to shed light upon social justice and human rights issues. They opened their classrooms to provide our students with an amazing experience of collaboration, self-expression, empathy, and exposure to stories of resistance, resilience, and renewal.

Thank you, Stephen, for making the initial connection with the Passerine Project to bring Shevy, Kendall, and the stories of Afghan women into the lives of the BCS community.


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