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1/25-29 – Great Super HOWLers Rock Climbing Trips!

We had a great week of Super HOWLer trips where over 90 students in Grades 6-12 participated in a day-long climbing and team building challenge at both the NYC Outward Bound Center and Brooklyn Boulders-Queensbridge.
Students who participated were nominated by their teachers for high academic achievement, for strong habits of work and learning (HOWLs), and for modeling the BCS core values.  Students had a blast!  Beginner students began with bouldering (going side to side), intermediate students then advanced to climbing walls, expert students then attempted the hardest climbs including “the chimney”!  Students were so surprised at what they could accomplish with persistence.
We know even more students are nominated next time around for our Super HOWLer trips.  At BCS, we challenge all students to be their best selves.  We nurture student leadership, and we celebrate their contributions to our community.

The learning targets for our experience were:
1. I can participate in activities today that foster our BCS core values (kind, open-minded, persistent, responsible, collaborative, courageous).

2. I am aware that today’s trip is an acknowledgement of my achievement and leadership at BCS.

3. I can demonstrate collaboration and develop stronger relationships with my peers and teachers.

4. I can reflect on my experience today and how it connects to my everyday life at school or home.

Here were some student testimonials about what they learned from the day’s activities that will support them back at BCS and home:

“I learned that rock climbing is hard, like life.  You have to be persistent to accomplish things in life.” (CR, Grade 6)

“I challenged myself and was courageous.” (CS, Grade 6)
“I can do big things if I really push myself to my limits.” (AT, Grade 7)
“I learned doing things together with your crew makes them easier.” (AJ, Grade 8)
“I stepped out of my comfort zone and challenged myself.” (LM, Grade 9)
“Persistence can not only get you far up the wall but also in school and in life.” (JR, Grade 9)
“I am a good motivator for my peers.” (CM, Grade 10)
“I was more openminded to try new things, and I was less shy.” (TB, Grade 11)
“I learned that with motivation from my peers, I can accomplish anything.” (MA, Grade 12)
We are so proud of our Super HOWLers!
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