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12/15 – Upper Grades First Ever Mathlympics!

Today’s Expeditionary Thursday was our first ever Mathlympics competition between UG Crews!  Today we launched a new Brooklyn Collaborative tradition – Mathlympics! It was a fantastically complex day dedicated to developing a culture of numeracy at Brooklyn Collaborative. The entire Upper Grades started off the day in the auditorium where we engaged in a Stand Up/Sit Down initiative, then everyone collaborated on a massive “WATERFALL,” there was a crew roll call, and then some inspirational words from Scill ending with “…and may the best crew win!” Below are descriptions and photos from each of the thrilling events!  The winning crew was William and Allison’s Grade 12 Crew!!! Major shout out! We can’t wait for Mathlympics again next year! (In the spring, our Lower Grades students will compete in their first Mathlympics as well, based on the UG model!)

Special thanks to the BCS Parent Teacher Association for sponsoring our first Mathlympics!


EL Core Practice 15: Teaching Mathematics

  • EL schools celebrate, display, and discuss the mathematical thinking and learning of students and adults.
  • Teachers integrate math outside of math time to reinforce and develop foundational facts and number sense and to model mathematical application.