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12/11-15 – Highlights of the Week!

On 12/12, eleven Brooklyn Collaborative seniors (Class of 2018) participated in Generation Citizen’s Civics Day. Students shared activist projects with change-makers and politicians on proper funding for The Red Hook Recreation Center, proper manners and racial profiling training for NYPD and Saturday Swipes for NYC student metro-cards.  Special thanks to teachers Stephen and Tamika!

IMG_7146 IMG_7154



On 12/14, we had our Lower Grades Expeditionary Thursday.  6th graders visited the MET as a part of their Social Studies case study, 7th graders conducted a math based investigation of the sugar in our food by visiting a few local supermarkets to support their interdisciplinary expedition and 8th graders traveled to the Brooklyn Museum and the Botanical Gardens in support of their still life study in Art class.

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