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12/16-20 – Highlights of the Week!

Our last post of the 2019 year!  What a great week!


12/16 – School Spirit – BCS Shirt Day!



12/16 – Phil and Tom are grateful to all the UG students who helped out with 6th Grade Science Roundtables earlier this week. Every UG student was kind, patient, and really listened to the LG students.  The 6th graders shared how impressed they were with the UG students. One told Tom “I hope I’m that smart when I get older!” and another said “She was so nice!”


12/17 – We had our December Parent Equity Workshop.  Councilmember Brad Lander joined us.  We talked about our experiences as parents in integrating schools and reviewed the NYU resource on “Tips for White Parents of Integrating Schools”.


12/18 – Ugly Sweater School Spirit Day!


12/18 – BCS Wolves basketball is in full effect!


12/19 – An extremely joyful shout out to the 7th graders and the 7th grade teachers for all the hard work leading up to today’s showcase for our expedition “Sugar: The Truth Behind the Wrapper.”  

During this unit, students explored the dangers of sugar and discovered the “hidden truths behind the wrappers.” For their culminating project, student groups assumed the roles of advertising agencies- complete with pitch leaders, graphic designers, and web designers to create their own PSA poster, website, and presentation that incorporated their knowledge from each subject area class.

Students presented to professionals in the advertising field, families, staff, high schoolers, and BNS students. Thank you to all the parents who came to be evaluators!  We appreciate you!

Check out the PSA posters linked in the folder below! You can scan the QR code with your phone’s camera app, which will link you to students’ websites showcasing key takeaways from each content area class. Also included are pictures, and the amazing brief Jane created for our wonderful evaluators. Stay tuned for a bulletin board after the break.

Congratulations to our 7th graders for a job well done!  


12/19 – Crew 9 had an awesome Town Hall, complete with awards and Family Feud!


12/20 – BCS Band serenaded our crews and hallways with some seasonal tunes!


12/20 – The annual English Language Learner “cELL-ebration” took place with students presenting on their names and everyone enjoying traditional foods!  Shout out to Melissa’s Pd 0 class!


What else is going on at BCS?

Great 6 Book Clubs are in progress!


Students working on problems collaboratively in Grade 6 Math.


Grade 6 Crew looking good with our weekly circles!


Ruby and Damaris: interns at NYC Pet in Park Slope, new addition to BCS internship organization list!  First job of the day: play with the cats so they will take their medicine