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11/6 – BCS Robotics Team on NY1 News

Thank you for supporting the BCS Robotics Team at the Barnes & Noble Maker Faire this weekend!

Brooklyn Collaborative’s Robotics Club, The RoboSharks, was at the Barnes & Noble in Park Slope (267 7th Ave, Brooklyn) this weekend (Sat 11/5 & Sun 11/6) from 11am-4pm. They showcased a variety of Maker Faire products, including Vex robots, Sphero robots, the Banana Piano. The highlight of the event was the BCS Frisbee Bot, a student-created robot that shoots frisbees! Brooklyn Collaborative received 15% of the sales from the weekend, to further support our RoboSharks program.

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NY1 interviews our BCS Robotics Team!

NY1 visited the event on Saturday and interviewed Ed Kelly, our extraordinary tech specialist and staff supervisor of the RoboSharks, and BCS junior Bernardo Zuniga. Here’s the link:

BCS RoboSharks make an impression on young children!

Alicia Lauricella, the Community Business Development Manager at the Park Slope Barnes & Noble, shared her glowing praises with us after last year’s event, where our team was showcased in the first ever MakerFaire at the bookstore. Alicia shared this anecdote with us earlier this year, as we were preparing for this year’s event: “A little girl came up to me yesterday, but was too shy to talk. Her mother came over and said, “I think she dreamt this, but did you ever sell a machine that shoots Frisbees? She has been talking about it all year and I keep telling her she made it up.” And I told her all about the BCS Robosharks and how she didn’t make it up, they did. The little girl was excited to be validated, and the mother was thrilled that a club like that exists; her (6yr old?) daughter can’t wait to go to high school now. Your students made an impression on a lot of kids that weekend!”Here are some pictures of our students preparing for the event by trying out all the products!


How can I support the BCS Robosharks?

If you weren’t able to make it to the bookstore this weekend, no worries, the B&N Makerfaire Bookfair goes on for the rest of this week until Fri 11/11! During this period, if you go to and put in code 12012324 during checkout, we will get 15% of your purchase. All money raised during the Makerfaire Bookfair goes directly to support the BCS Robosharks!

Brooklyn Collaborative is committed to building community partnerships!

Brooklyn Collaborative is a NYC Outward Bound School which uses the EL Education model. We are committed to building and sustaining relationships with community organizations. Our school embraces its responsibility as a member of and a contributor to the surrounding community. (EL Core Practice 28)