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10/23-27 – Highlights of the Week!

In Grade 6 ELA, students share their “This I Believe” essays with families at their publishing party!

IMG_7549 IMG_7548 IMG_7547




In Grade 7 Science, students make glue from milk, vinegar and baking soda as a part of their study of chemical change.

IMG_7551 IMG_7552 IMG_7550



Lower Grades students love morning recess, with soccer games happening rain or shine!




Upper Grades Chemistry Periodic Battleship: the familiar guessing game re-made for students to familiarize themselves with properties and vocabulary of the periodic table!  The catch: students could not call out elements.  Instead, they had to indicate the properties (periods, groups, families configuration, electronegativity, atomic radius etc) of the element they felt their opponents’ ships rested on.  The opponent had to confirm the element and indicate if they were hit.  Students had a “blast”!

IMG_4214 IMG_4215



Teachers Alex Avalos, Greg Gentile, and Glen Meinschein were among the 2017 class of EL Education’s Fund for Teachers (FFT) Fellows. Read more about their FFT trip from Summer 2017, which was just posted this week on the web, and what this long partnership has meant for EL Education here.  Here’s a picture of Alex, Greg, and Glen interviewing Chucho, a local tour guide who led them through la Antigua and gave them his perspective of La Malinche and the conquest.  Alex, Greg, Glen will be applying their experience to enhancing the La Malinche case study in LG Social Studies!