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10/16-20 – Highlights of the Week!

In 6th grade Music, students created rhythm sentences and self-assessed them for quality.  Then they shared personal glows/grows with their groups.



In 7th grade Science, students conducted a lab looking at chemical and physical changes.




In 7th grade Theater, students have been learning about Mary Overlie‘s Viewpoints technique of composition. This technique acts as a medium for thinking about and acting upon movement, gesture and creative space.  The picture is of our bamboo stick work which establishes spatial relationships and how to cue/communicate without speaking.



In 8th grade, students who had strong Habits of Scholarship assessments were honored as members of the “8th Grade Wolf Pack” and had a pizza party celebration on Fri 10/20.

IMG_1249 IMG_1245


In 11th/12th grade Green Engineering, students worked on an electricity lab to achieve exemplary mastery in their first case study.

IMG_5576 IMG_5595 IMG_5586 IMG_5581 IMG_5578


Our Spirit Week winners were announced, and all winning crew members received a t-shirt!  Congrats to our winning crews: Lesley (Crew6), Candice (Crew7), Brian (Crew9), Magen (Crew10), Abby/Brittany (Crew12).




In 11th grade Crew, students engaged in a Crewlympics battle of Marble Run.

IMG_5605 IMG-0129 IMG_5603



On 10/17, our PSAL soccer team earned a competitive and hard fought 3-1 victory against a challenging Science Skills HS team!  Go Wolves!

20171016_155959 20171016_160631