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10/28-11/1 – Highlights of the Week!

A busy week to end October!

10/29 – We hosted Dr. Leslie and Dr. Fergus from Temple University, consultants with the DOE Office of Equity and Access who are providing feedback and support to us as we embark on our equity work this year with staff, students, and parents.  They met with our Equity Inquiry Team staff facilitators and helped us reflect on our data and our action steps.

Upper Grades Robotics students are working on 3D designs.  They are modeling objects, learning the different techniques in creating many types of shapes on Autodesk Fusion 360.

Grade 6 American Sign Language – lots of smiles!  These are images of us working on creating our ASL name poems, building an ensemble and greeting our fellow classmates in ASL.

Grade 6 Social Studies put up their beautiful climate change posters.

10/29 – William and Brittany’s Physics students participated in one of their regular “Board Meetings.”  Each group member gets a chance to present their table’s work while classmates rotate around to listen in and ask thoughtful questions. Here, students are presenting their paradigm lab results for our new case study on velocity.

10/30 – As part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Taron’s Grade 7 crew hosted a Lunch and Learn with breast cancer survivor Monique.  It was a great student-led workshop for building empathy and awareness for such an important disease.

A busy week of tours on 10/29 and 11/2.  Thank you to all our staff, students, and parents who help with tour season – we couldn’t do it without you!

10/31 – Fun times for Halloween!

11/1 – PSAL Girls Volleyball is undefeated so far – 10-0!!!!  Go Wolves!!

11/1 – Our Dia de Los Muertos celebration was incredible!  Special shout out to Jill, Melissa, Magen, Brittany, Norma, Phil S, Todd, Kori and others for all their leadership and contributions.