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10/21 – Family/Student Update

Dear BCS Families/Students,


If you want to feel warm fuzzies, please read today’s Shout Outs on Instagram.  We love the BCS love!  So proud of our staff and students!  If you’d like to give a shout out to a teacher or a peer, please use this form – share BCS love!




Spirit Monday – 10/26 – Favorite Book

  • Take a picture of you with your favorite book – be creative!  We’ll post it on Instagram!  Let’s see what our BCS community loves to read!
  • Email your pic to before Mon 10/26


Student Led Conferences are Thurs 11/12 (evening) and Fri 11/13 (afternoon)

  • Your child’s crew leader will contact you for a 15 min appointment to facilitate a conversation where your child discusses his/her progress in school
  • The student and parent participate in these conferences TOGETHER with the crew leader
  • More information will follow




P-EBT Reminder – did you receive your benefit yet?

  • Every family with children in the NYC public schools (from Mar-June 2020) should have received a $420 food stipend per child – this is a program to help buy food, especially for families for whom school breakfasts and lunches were essential.
  • If you are eligible and have not received a P-EBT food benefit for your child, please contact the State using P-EBT contact form or by calling 1-833-452-0096 (8:30am – 5:00pm, Monday – Friday).


Digital Citizenship Week

  • Across the nation, it’s Digital Citizenship Week.  Engage your family in activities and discussions that promote healthy media habits.
  • Resources:
  • Fun, short videos here for common media blunders to discuss with your family:


Dial a Teacher Program for Free Homework Help

  • UFT Dial a Teacher is up & running for the school year. K-12 students and their parents or caregivers are invited to call 212-777-3380 or visit the Dial-A-Teacher website Mondays through Thursdays between 4 and 7 p.m. to get free homework help from a licensed teacher.
  • Many of the teachers are bilingual, so Dial-A-Teacher can assist students and families in 10 languages, including Armenian, Bengali, Chinese, English, French, Haitian-Creole, Korean, Russian, Spanish and Tagalog.




Download the new Zoom 5.3


If you are absent

  • If you are absent, please email your crew leader and with your excuse note so it can be noted.  
  • If you are absent for an in-person blended learning day, you do not join Zoom classes that day, just check Google Classroom to do assigned work.


Sign up for a DOE iPad

  • The DOE is purchasing additional ipads with built-in hotspots.  Please complete the RLD Application to put your name on a list to receive one.  The device is free to borrow for the whole school year.  Even if you have a device, the iPad is useful as a backup device and as a hot spot to provide wifi/internet to all your household devices.
  • When you are done with your iPad, you return the device to our school BCS so it benefits our school to have more students request them.


All families need to fill out a lunch form


Election Day is Tues 11/3 – All students are on remote learning that day

  • The building is not open on Tues 11/3 for Election Day
  • The DOE has said that 11/3 is all-remote for all students
  • All in-person students will have Zoom classes (the Tuesday schedule is identical to the Friday schedule for students if they have an ELA, Social Studies, Math or Science class)



  • Check PupilPath for your grades
  • Check Google Classroom (click “To Do” at the top left corner to see assignments you still need to complete)
  • Marking Period 1 grades will be posted the week of 11/9 in PupilPath



When students are given assessments, they are aligned to learning targets.  Students must first complete Tier 1 of the assessment to move on to the next tiers.  Successfully completing Tier 1 means a student has shown Beginning Mastery of the learning target = BE = 65%.  Completing each subsequent tier shows a higher level of mastery for the learning target.  

Learning Target: I can…
Tier 1 Beginning Mastery = BE = 65%
Tier 2 Competent Mastery = CO = 75%
Tier 3 Accomplished Mastery = AC = 85%
Tier 4  Exemplary Mastery = EX = 100%
  • Check Google Classroom to make sure your child is progressing through Tier 1, then Tier 2, etc. of each assessment to aim for the highest mastery level.
  • Your child’s teacher will give comments/feedback on student work in Google Classroom.