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10/11 – Brooklyn Collaborative welcomes the First Deputy Chancellor Cheryl Watson-Harris!

Today, we welcomed several important visitors to Brooklyn Collaborative.  We hosted a Principals Conference with not only the 50 principals in the Affinity network but also Kathy Rehfield-Pelles (Superintendent for Affinity), Recy Dunn (new Executive Superintendent for Affinity), plus Cheryl Watson-Harris (First Deputy Chancellor).  They were joined by several guests, including Alexandra Anormaliza (Executive Director, Affinity Field Support Center) and Donald Conyers (Senior Supervising Superintendent for the DOE and part of the Chancellor’s Transition Team) among others!
As part of the host portion of the day, we were asked to highlight student voices about the impact of Brooklyn Collaborative on their life opportunities.  Through careful consideration, we decided to go with two of our graduates, using the videos from their NYCOB gala speeches when they were seniors here.  If you haven’t seen these speeches, Tafura and Jovani speak passionately about their experiences at Brooklyn Collaborative and crew, and we get teary-eyed just hearing them all over again.  Our graduates are the active citizens of the new world.
Tafura (View from 3:40-9:00) – BCS Class of 2018
Jovani (View from 1:35-5:38) – BCS Class of 2017
Visits like these are rare and important to share the academic and social-emotional programming we offer to students, and they definitely put Brooklyn Collaborative on the figurative DOE “map”!
Cheryl Watson-Harris addresses principals