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The Academy for Teachers honors three Brooklyn Collaborative teachers!




For Immediate Release


NEW YORK, NY — Adam Chasen, Scott Henstrand, and Glen Meinschein, who teach at Brooklyn School for Collaborative Studies, were recently inducted as 2015-2016 Fellows of The Academy for Teachers.


The Academy brings New York’s finest teachers together for Master Classes led by preeminent intellectuals and artists. Teachers are nominated for Master Classes by teachers who know their work, their nominations are evaluated by a committee of teachers, and nominees with the highest scores are invited to attend. Being selected is an honor. Only 18 teachers are chosen for each Master Class.


“Fellows of The Academy for Teachers are passionate, smart, impressive teachers,” says Sam Swope, The Academy’s founder. “They’re delighted to learn and excited to teach. That’s one of the things that makes Master Classes inspiring and productive. You know the day will benefit thousands of kids.”


In the morning of both Master Classes, the Fellows learned from a preeminent expert. In the afternoon, they shared strategies and resources with their colleagues.


Mr. Chasen took part in a Master Class with filmmaker Bill Morrison, who recently had a mid-career retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art. He said “I began to imagine myself as a filmmaker, which is valuable because it will be a springboard into a summer of making videos for math class.”


Mr. Henstrand attended “The Evolution of Beauty” with Yale professor Richard Prum, who won a MacArthur “genius” award. Henstrand found the experience valuable and intellectually stimulating. He said, “What a wonderful, thought provoking presentation by Professor Prum. I am planning on using his controversial position as an Investigation in my Big History class next year.”


Mr. Meinschein was invited to“The Lifelong Advantage of Curiosity” with biographer David McCullough, winner of two Pulitzer Prizes, two National Book Awards, and the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Mr. Meinschein said, “McCullough’s talk was fascinating. I felt honored to receive the nomination for this Master Class and to be able to interact with teachers from a diverse set of NYC schools.”