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1/23 – Student/Family Update

Dear BCS Students and Families, we hope you are all well and staying safe!

If you feel comfortable sending your child to school, please do so every day.  The best opportunity to access teachers and get help for work is in-person.  If your child is exposed to someone who tested positive for COVID, they will receive an at-home test kit in school.

Take your at-home COVID test before coming to school on Monday

  • Please take your at-home COVID test Sunday night so that we feel comforted that community members are COVID negative when school resumes

Spirit Monday – Comfy Day – on Mon 1/24

  • Tomorrow Mon 1/24 – wear anything “comfy” that’s school-appropriate!
  • Be ready for photos!

Weekly opportunity for free PCR testing with mobile van parked at school – get a QR code for your child – van returns Mon 1/24 to BCS

  • We have arranged for a mobile van to conduct free PCR testing at the school every Monday.
  • You can use the same QR code each week to get PCR COVID tested here at school at the mobile van so you only need to pre-register once.  Just keep your QR code handy (printed or on your phone) and have it ready to show each week to the van.  It’s the same code every week.
  • The van will be here weekly on Mondays 12pm-4pm except holidays for staff and students
  • If you have insurance, your insurance will cover it for free.  If you are uninsured, the state will cover it for free.  Results will be emailed to the email that you register with in 2-3 days.  As always, if you are positive, please send results to Scill
  • Students with QR codes will be permitted to go to the van on their own (without their parent, they must have the QR code).  We will make a PA announcement so students know when to go outside – we will have staff posted to guide them.  They get swabbed for about 5-10 min outside with the van and then return inside the building to class.
  • If families would like to utilize the van, please come after 2:30pm with your own QR code

Grades are due from teachers by Tues 1/25 @ 12pm

  • Pupilpath is functional.  If you need help with your login, please email
  • Final grades will be downloaded Tues 1/25 @ 12pm from teachers’ gradebooks in Pupilpath.  

Family Town Hall on Tues 1/25 @ 7:15pm

  • Have any questions for Scill and Imani?  Come ask us in Zoom!
  • Join Zoom Meeting ID: 85682633731 Passcode: 506635

This Tuesday – Clubs

  • We have clubs this Tues 2:20pm-3:15pm – all students are welcome at all clubs
  • Please join Tuesday Clubs – see club listings here
  • If there is enough interest in a club and the teacher is available, we would like to offer clubs more often – please speak with the club staff adviser if you’re interested in meeting with the club more often

Indoor lunch all week

  • Based on the weather forecast, it will be cold all week
  • We will open windows to increase circulation – please dress in layers
  • Anticipate indoor crew lunch all week for LG

Upcoming dates

  • Mon 1/24 – Thurs 1/27 – regular classes for all students
  • Tues 1/25 @ 12pm – grades due by teachers
  • Fri 1/28 – last day of fall semester
    • Lower Grades – Crew Ice Skating – if inclement weather, crew day back at school
    • Upper Grades – MPBAT Day – no regular classes, only 11th and 12th grade students scheduled for MPBATs come that day, all other high school students stay at home (no Google Classroom work this day)
  • Mon 1/31 – no school, professional development day for staff
  • Tues 2/1 – no school, Lunar New Year
  • Wed 2/2 – first day of spring semester, check your second semester schedule in PupilPath, regular academic schedule
  • Mon 2/21 – Fri 2/25 – no school, Mid-Winter Recess

Proper masking in school is required for all

  • All students and staff must continue to wear a mask over their mouth and nose at all times during school.  We strongly recommend masks that have a nose wire to prevent air from leaking out of the top of the mask.
  • Students who have challenges with proper masking will be provided with a KN95 mask which has a more secure fit and will have a conference with a staff member and notification to home.
  • If the mask challenges continue, parents will be called to pick up their child from school.  Masking is one of the most fundamental ways in which we can protect ourselves and our community as we navigate the COVID surge in our city, and all students must properly mask daily.

Student Absence Notification

  • If your child has to be absent, please email your child’s crew leader
  • Your child’s crew leader will notify your child’s teachers and the attendance office

BCS Library is Open Mon-Fri – come borrow a book 

  • All students are welcome Mon-Fri from 8:15-9am and 2-2:30pm to borrow books from our library (Room 401)