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Secretary Vacancy at BCS – please forward

Please see secretary posting below and online here


2021-2022 School Year

SCHOOL NAME: Brooklyn Collaborative (15K448)

610 Henry St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

Description of School: Brooklyn Collaborative Studies (BCS) opened in 2001, first as a middle school and expanded to a full secondary school with grades 6-12 by Sept 2008.  A heterogeneous and diverse community, our students come from all over Brooklyn.  We are located on the border between Carroll Gardens and Red Hook.  We have a student population of 700.  Intense staff collaboration is a strength of the school, and we have approximately 100 staff members spread throughout Grades 6-12.  Please see our website or for more information about our school.  

The ideal candidate has an infectious growth mindset, looks for the strengths in others, is energetic before/during/after official school hours, and not afraid to do the hard work and self-reflection to help our community progress.  We are looking for a team player who works well with others, who chips in and builds up their team, who is passionate and courageous about equity and access, has a great sense of humor and is easygoing, and who can see situations and solutions through the perspectives of others.  Does this describe you?  Then please apply to join our staff crew! 


Minimum two years of paid office, clerical, editorial or secretarial work where the candidate was involved in managing various projects and systems/applications OR possession of regular New York City School Secretary License, with satisfactory ratings and attendance.


Because roles in small schools are varied and complex, serious consideration will be given to applicants who demonstrate an ability or willingness to commit to the school’s mission and core beliefs and to work as a CREW with other staff on various projects that may arise outside their usual scope of work.

  • Perform school secretary tasks in support of the learning community and focus of the school 
  • Perform pupil accounting and payroll duties using DOE systems (ATS, ATS Print, ATSwiki, EIS, PDPS, TBNK, CyberShift, and many other systems outlined on Network Grounds).  Microsoft applications and Google Suite are a must as is comfort with heavy email traffic.  Employee must maintain 2 email addresses at Brooklyn Collaborative (DOE and BCS email).
  • Perform all functions of human services support, as they pertain to the role of school secretary, including payroll, employment processing, and guiding teachers on using the DOE employee self service systems
  • Perform all functions of pupil enrollment services, including but not limited to registration processing, assessing and entering ELL students and transfers, as well as maintaining required documentation of all enrolled students.
  • Collaborate with all staff members to serve the school community and keep everyone informed. 
  • Support with procurement/purchasing liaison to manage Galaxy budget lines
  • Enter DOE accident reports as well as follow up on details to proper documentation and Compliance
  • Engage and interact with staff, parents, students, and other members of the community as the first liaison in the main office
  •  Work with principal on compliance reports to insure 100% in DOE compliances
  •  Share main office work space with 3 staff members.  Collaborate with 3 school aides to work together on completing mailings and other tasks (including immunizations, hearing and sight tests and entering all dates into ATS and protect CUMs).
  • Maintain the main office monthly timecards and staff mailboxes.
  • Maintain the main office coffee station.
  • Main office is on the fourth floor so must be capable of walking up stairs regularly and sometimes carrying mail to then distribute into staff mailboxes in the main office.


The successful candidate will possess the following qualifications:

  • Strong organizational skills to maintain payroll and pupil deadline calendars, records, and systems.
  • Ability to use ATS, and all purchasing systems and manage all timesheets and various payroll calendars.
  • Strong comfort with heavy email traffic across two different email accounts (outlook and Gmail)
  • Ability to establish collaborative and cooperative relationships in a calm and tactful manner
  • Strong ability to work in a fast-paced, energetic, and shared work space (main office) and be able to concentrate and get tasks completed on deadline.
  • Ability to be flexible and to multi-task.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Effectively communicate orally and in writing with colleagues, parents, students, and the larger community.
  • Effectively carry out oral and written directions. 
  • Willingness to share work space and desk as needed.
  • Willingness to move around the building in order to communicate with staff and families and perform duties.
  • Effective in creating a safe and supportive learning environment with routines and structures that align with the school’s core values.
  • Experience and/or willingness to work in an environment where students and families are viewed in a positive and strengths-based light, addressed in a warm and friendly manner, and are never referred to or spoken about in a demeaning or pejorative manner.
  • Willingness to learn new skills and participate in professional development activities, including school-wide professional learning. 
  • Ability to implement the appropriate procedures regarding student and employee records in keeping with DOE regulations .
  • Applicants must provide three professional references 
  • References and interview must show evidence of strong collaborative and reflective skill 


As per Collective Bargaining Agreement

Typical work day is 8:15 – 3:35 – Hours can be discussed with principal

Send Cover Letter & Resume to: