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Major shout out to all who work with the 8th grade

What a week the 8th grade has had!
Students in June Intensives wrapped up their study of ethnic enclaves in NYC. After visiting Little Italy, Little India, Sunset Park, China Town they created diorama’s and poetry inspired by there visits and presented these to guests in a museum gallery.
In June school math, students created math based board games and in their final presentation of learning had students from BNS and BCS come play the games.
In June school ELA students worked on their writing skills and presented their final essay about insiders and outsiders. Students presented these essays in round tables yesterday. They were able to reflect on their learning and voice the writing strategies (annotating text with a purpose, boxes and bullets etc…) that they will use in the upper grades next year to be more successful.
After all the final presentations of learning were out of the way students danced the night away at last night’s dance. The decorations were beautiful, the kids looked amazing in their outfits and masks, they loved the candy bar. Involving parents as chaperones helped to bring the whole community together.
Today students participated in such a touching promotion ceremony. There was laughter and tears from the kids. The slideshow showed their entire experience, from 6th to 8th, the speeches were such testament to the strength of the BCS community and the BCS teachers in their support of students. The student work on display in the gym afterwards was also such a nice testament to the high quality work we did all year with students.
A HUGE thank you to all the BCS staff who made this such a powerful week for our students. The strength of the student and staff community this week was overwhelming.
With SO SO much appreciation for all the work you have all done this week,
Amanda, Scill, Imani
For those who are interested, here’s how to download the slideshow.
  1. Right-click the link: 8th Grade Promotion Slideshow
  2. Select Save link as… and save to your desktop (or wherever)
  3. It’s 800 MB, so it may take a while to download. The format .wmv, can be played using VLC player.