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LG Expeditionary Thursday Update 10/20

6th graders developed themselves as fiction writers.

In ELA students have spent the past several weeks researching defining moments in their lives, and learning the narrative craft that lets them tell these stories with grace and power. The students have written stories about a moment they have learned an important lesson or experienced something life changing.

As published authors do at readings of their work, the 6th Graders today presented excerpts from their stories that showcase the craft moves that they have learned during this unit.
6th graders also had an expert come in today to talk with them. Author Olugbemisola Rhuday-Perkovich read pieces of her own writing and shared her experiences as a young adult author.

Finally, students participated in a neighborhood scavenger hunt as they travelled to the public library to receive new library cards and learn about the additional resources provided at the local branch. At each checkpoint in the scavenger hunt, students were asked to take a group selfie.

As Scientists, 7th grade studied animal behavior at the Prospect Park Zoo.

7th graders travelled to the Prospect Park Zoo today to explore the learning target: I can use animal observations to create testable questions and complete a field study investigation.While at the zoo, students had practice collecting data, and developing the use of the Scientific Process Skills. These skills will help them when they complete their own long term investigations in class.

Some highlights from the day, as reported by the students included, watching the baboons socialize and social groom, watching the sea lions bob in and out of the water, feeding the barn yard animals and observing a group of dwarf mongooses huddled together as, “one big happy family.”

As Historians, 8th graders studied the impact of slavery on New York City.

Student engaged in a comprehensive study of Slavery’s role and impact on New York City. Students were able to experience hands on activities with primary sources and artifacts curated by a New York Historical Society education professional.Before leaving for the Historical Society, students watched excerpts from The Amistad to gain a better understanding of the hardships slaves faced on their journey to the United States.