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HS Inspiring Minds Afterschool Clubs

Here is a list of all the programs happening in our HS afterschool so far. 

Here is the link to sign up!

Clubs so far:

Boxing W/ Arnold (Mondays)

Cooking W/ Chef Q (Tuesdays)

Music W/ Stephanie (Wednesdays)

Math SAT Prep W/ Allison (Wednesdays)

Cosmetology (Hair & Nails) W/ Atiya (Wednesdays)

Art W/ Jill (Wednesdays)

Film & Leadership W/ Brian, Joy & Joshua (Thursdays)

ELA SAT Prep W/ Henry (Thursdays)

Drumming W/ Christine (Thursdays)

Here is the link to sign up!

You can also find our Director Fox in Office 410 (or Office Hours in RM 526A Periods 3, 4 & 7).

Dijoun Fox
Community School
Inspiring Minds NYC
Brooklyn Collaborative Studies

Twitter: @IMNYC12
IG: @InspiringMindsNYC