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Expeditionary Thursdays Upper Grades Math 3/24 – How do professionals use math?

Students in the Upper Grades had a great Expeditionary Thursday fieldwork related to their current math courses!


Students in Geometry visited the World Trade Center and Thurgood Marshall Courthouse to find out the math that was involved in engineering these buildings.  Students toured around several skyscrapers in the midtown Manhattan area and used trigonometric ratios to estimate the height of several buildings using an ilevel app.  Students also viewed the movie “Big Bigger Biggest.”


Students in Algebra visited five different sites around NYC, talking with professionals about how they use data in their daily work.  Essential questions were: How does an organization find important data? How does an organization represent important data for a purpose How does an organization learn from this data? What is persuasive about the data in front of you?  Students were hosted by the following organizations:

Alg Alg2 Alg3 Alg4

Students in PreCalculus and Calculus were working on their Income Inequality PBAT by visiting with an expert at the Comptroller’s Office.  The experts and professionals at the Comptroller’s Office spoke about how they use statistical or economic analysis to formulate the Comptroller’s policy positions and inform his speeches, public remarks and press strategy.

IMG_7186 IMG_7188 IMG_7196

Students in Algebra 2 rotated through six workshops that focused on working with experts and doing a deep dive into what math students need to be successful in the transition from high school to college, including three experts from CUNY.


Students in CUNY At Home in College Math worked in teams on different initiatives and focused their day’s sessions on practicing for the upcoming COMPASS exam and discussing the various academic paths one can take when applying to a CUNY school.

Geo2 Geo1