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Expeditionary Thursdays Fieldwork (Upper Grades Science ET 10/29)

Another Expeditionary Thursdays Fieldwork success on 10/29!  All upper grades students went on fieldwork related to their Science classes.

Students in Chemistry worked alongside neuroscientists at Rockefeller University, connecting the concept of poor air quality to cognitive development and memory by manipulating memory cells in worms and exposing them to different chemicals to see if their memory has changed.  The final work will be published in a scientific journal by the university.  During lunch, students also interviewed the public about the war in Congo on conflict minerals at Rockefeller Center and Bryant Park.

Students in Biology used swabs in partnership with Pathomap and followed scientific sampling procedures in order to collect samples about bacteria in public areas to practice for their upcoming experiments.  Students also visited the Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Facility to discuss with experts how bacteria are used in the real world.
Students in Physics created a visual display of their work related to their group’s particular investigative factor (e.g. reference point, distance VS displacement, speed VS velocity, catapults, walking velocity experiment, catapult projectile velocity experiment or sports projectiles velocity experiment).
Students in Climate Change mapped (using GPS and USGS flooding maps) the Red Hook neighborhood to better understand the impact of Hurricane Sandy and the potential dangers of sea level rise.  Students captured their data using different tech apps (Travel Altimeter Lite, Current Elevation, Elevation App, Endomondo).