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Expeditionary Thursdays Fieldwork (Lower Grades ET 10/22)

Another great Expeditionary Thursday fieldwork experience on 10/22 for our lower grades!

Grade 6 explored the St. Marks Mosaic Trail and the work of Jim Power- what an exciting urban math adventure.  After exploring the beautiful mosaics (and discussing their historical significance), students created their own mosaic drawings and represented them using decimals, fractions, and percents.

Grades 7 and 8 immersed in Social Studies-related fieldwork by screening a documentary about Malala (the courageous Pakistani activist for female education) at the Landmark Sunshine Cinema and discussing how to be active global citizens and to understand the world beyond their own streets and borders. Through materials adapted from Journeys in Film, the Robert F. Kennedy Center, Youth for Human Rights International and the Malala Fund, students explored other cultures and social issues through film, circle discussions, excerpts of famous speeches, community service, and a small creative art project.  In line with our social justice mission, students explored these guiding questions: “What are the realities and struggles that other young people face in other parts of the world?  How can I be empowered to take action in my global world?”


Every other week, all students engage in fieldwork at BCS.  It’s essential to our work with young people.  Want to support fieldwork?  Please donate today!  Our students and teachers love fieldwork! Many Thursdays each semester, we’re out exploring the city, enriching and applying what we’re studying in our classrooms. We model the authentic research of professionals in the field. Last year, our students visited 45 fieldwork sites in well-planned learning experiences and we had 24 experts come into our school! We’re psyched to ramp up our fieldwork even more this year! That requires funding!

If you can support our school or send this information to someone who can, please help us. We are looking to raise $5,000 to support fieldwork this school year. Help us reach our goal!  Click here ( to support fieldwork at BCS!


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