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Congrats to BCS Junior Leen Shumman for winning the Scenarios USA Contest!

Congratulations to BCS junior Leen Shumman for winning the Scenarios USA Contest.  Her winning short story “Cut in Half” will be made into a short film and premiered at BCS next year!  We are also so proud that four of the five semi-finalists for the writing award were BCS students who wrote their stories with support from Grade 11 ELA teachers Dwight and Phill G.  Way to go to Brooklyn Collaborative for representing in the winners circle!


Congratulations to the following students:

Hidden Bruises   By Atzin Salgado

The Unstoppable   By Julianna Greenidge

I Will Follow You   By Carlos Reyes

Cut In Half   By Leen Shumman


Below are photos from the award dinner.  Congrats to Leen, Atzin, Julianna, and Carlos!

image3 image2 image1