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Cold/Inclement Weather Letter for Blended Learning Families


Dear Blended Learning Students/Families,


This past Monday 11/2 was very cold in the building.  As you know, our ventilation system requires that at least 50% of the windows in classrooms/hallways need to be open.  Even with the building heat on, that makes it very cold indoors.  We know all the staff and students courageously persisted through Monday 11/2!


We have heard from many of you that on very cold days, you plan to keep your child at home.  We also know that many blended families are considering switching to all-remote because you have concerns about the weather.  We want blended families to stay in blended learning and here is our proposed cold-weather plan.  We want to support proactively!  


On days when the weather forecast is predicted to be below 40 degrees Fahrenheit and/or with wind speed approaching 10 mph, it will be very cold in the building and may not be conducive to your child’s learning.  If we anticipate high absenteeism for blended learning, we will have options for students to join Zoom classes instead of coming to the building for blended learning that day.  We will closely monitor the weather forecast the day before and email out to families the night before (around 7pm).


If we do have blended learning but you opt to keep your child at home that day, they will do asynchronous work in Google Classroom and can join Office Hours to get synchronous support that day from a teacher.  Students can email Scill saying that they completed work in Google Classroom instead of joining blended learning and they will be marked present for the day in the DOE systems.


In general, blended learning students should remember to dress in warm layers and bring a sweater/hoodie, jacket, hat, scarf, and gloves to school daily.  If you need a locker to put extra clothes in, please speak with Scill in Office 416.



Scill and Imani