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10/14 – BCS UG Crew Day: PSAT, College Applications, and Service!

On Wed 10/14, we had an exciting and packed Upper Grades All-Crew day.


While Grade 11 was focused on taking the PSAT, Grades 9 and 10 were doing service throughout NYC.  Some examples: Sarah’s Crew 9 worked with the organization Debra, learned about working at a non-profit, and created butterfly cards for young people who have a terrible genetic skin disease called EB.  They also helped sort and pack bandages to send to the kids and stuffed envelopes for their big fundraiser!  Phil’s Crew 10 learned from urban ecologists at Union Square Green Market and explored the rooftop garden at the Brooklyn Grange in Long Island City.  Stephen’s Grade 10 crew delivered 47 meals all morning to support God’s Love We Deliver.


Grade 12 was ensuring that every senior submitted their CUNY applications!  Seniors spent the entire day working toward completion of college applications, in place of regularly scheduled classes.  BCS won a grant which made it possible for us to hold this day and pay the $65 CUNY application fee for every single one of our graduating seniors!  At the end of the day, all seniors boasted their “I Applied to College” stickers!  Go BCS!


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