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BCS on NBC News: Dear Mr. President

During the week of 2/6, some students in Alie and John’s ELA 9 class read their letters to President Trump and discussed their hopes and fears with NBC News.  BNS students in Nancy’s class did the same.  These videos will be released online.  (Unfortunately, they did not identify schools by name but hopefully you can recognize our classrooms in the background!)  We’re so proud of our students at 610 Henry for writing their thoughtful letters and for engaging actively in civic life.


Here are the links to the two digital videos that were released today. Social media pushes will begin today and continue throughout the week.


Dear Mr. President: Kids Talk Trump
Students discuss their hopes and fears in President Trump’s administration.


Dear Mr. President: Letters from the American Children
Students wrote letters to President Trump and here’s what they had to say.