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9/9-13 – Highlights of the Week!

A very busy first week of classes at Brooklyn Collaborative!

Grade 6 students had a Town Hall where students gave shout outs to each other for exemplifying core values!

Grade 6 students worked on a competitive number challenge in pairs in Math.

Grade 6 students establish classroom norms during Friday Meeting in ELA.

Grade 6 students enjoyed their first library visit.  We’re happy to grow the next generation of readers!

Grade 6 students in American Sign Language/Drama specials learned the alphabet and numbers with Kori.

Grade 7 Math students worked in groups to find the numbers 1-20 using only (and exactly) four 4’s and any operation.  What a fun mind puzzle!

Grade 8 Math students worked on logic riddles using color tiles.


Grade 8 Music students studied sheet music in groups.

Art students used glow paint to create their own masterpieces!

Chemistry students got familiar with lab equipment with a graduated cylinder activity.

Algebra students started the year in a reflection circle to set a positive tone for the class community!

Green Engineering students kicked off their fall expedition “How does BCS get and use its electricity?” by exploring nine stations of activities that showcased energy and how it transfers.

Our 11th grade students in Junior Internship were dressed to impress!

Grade 12 students enjoyed a lovely discussion with Refinery 29 writer, Stephanie Ramlogan, a Trinidadian native who visited the senior Government classes to speak about language and politics on 9/12.

ELA 12 students reflected on quotes in a chalk talk activity before starting their memoir unit.

ELA 9 students dived into their first text The Poet X by Elizabeth Acevedo.

PE students got into the mindset of healthy safe physical activity with Ron and Brandi!

Our first PTA meeting of the year was great – we’re so grateful to our hard working parents who make time in service of the school, we appreciate you!