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5/24 – Extensive Upper Grades Science Fieldwork!

Our science team designed an extensive array of fieldwork today (5/24/17) for our upper grades students! Check out our photos below!

Biology students toured a variety of sustainable buildings and green roofs in NYC, including the 5 Boro NYC Parks Center, the Kickstarter building, the Javits Center, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden Visitor’s Center, the PS 6: Green Roof, and a Gowanus Tour of Sponge Park and Bioswales.

Climate Change students toured different sites (Javits Center, Whole Foods market, and Gowanus) and documented strategies that NYC is taking to prepare for and mitigate the effects of climate change, exploring green roofs, bioswales, combined sewage overflows, and sponge parks.

Physics students collected data on their re-engineered egg capsules, including creating graphs and drawing conclusions and redesigning their capsules. Another group of Physics students visited the New York Hall of Science to explore the Search for Life Beyond and Rocket exhibits.

Green Engineering and Chemistry students engaged in sustained writing all day on their PBATs and Mastery Passages.


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