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5/22 – BCS senior Leen Shumman celebrates her film premiere!

We are so proud of Brooklyn Collaborative senior Leen Shumman for the upcoming premiere of her film, supported by Scenarios USA!!

Scenarios is a non-profit which empowers young people to identify and lead on social issues that are affecting their lives through the power of storytelling. In partnership with Hollywood directors, a few of these stories are produced into films for national distribution to an audience of millions. Young people, who were once silenced, are now leading the conversation on identifying solutions to issues shaping their lives.


The two films we will be premiering on Monday, May 22 were each written by 16-year-old girls (one is Brooklyn Collaborative senior Leen Shumman!) and give voice to the fortitude and compassion young people summon when living with the instability of mental and physical health issues. These stories of resilience may be the most important films Scenarios has brought to the screen in our 18 years.


Here are 1 – 2 minute clips from the films and interviews with the teenage writers:


Cut In Half – Tells the story of a family uniting to face an untimely diagnosis. Addresses consent, cancer, solidarity, and centers an Arab American family. Directed by Susan Seidelman and written by 16 yo Leen Shumman (Brooklyn Collaborative Class of 2017!)


Split Persona – Tells the story of sisters whose lives are inextricably intertwined and affected by their mother’s depression. Addresses mental health, love, solidarity, family life. Directed by Bradley Rust Gray and written by 16yo Mayraleeh Nelson.